Monday, April 18, 2011

the memory

woot woot ~
hye dear,, alhamdulillah thanks to Allah because let us breath today.
monday is the perfect days because it gave a strengths couple with energy to us for start the day with works. happy mondayss guys :)

yesterday, i had finish my travels love and it's so sad actually.
after 3 days see him, and now i had forced to leave him.
even other day would come to us, but to waiting it just like a penalty you know.
just be able to patient because Allah is always here to protect our relations.

actually i'm so happy got to meets him again.
thanks for everything Lover
you know that.. i really appreciate what you just done.
you are very patient to bring out me.

we had carved the memories again
that day is so sweet couple day
every second just with him and him

you are my heart, without you i can die.
if you leave me, i not know what happen to me.
sygss i'm really2 loving you.


Friday, April 15, 2011

that day is about you...

the day is coming !
yess, it's TODAY

thank's God for my life today

what do you think right now guys when i'm talking bout today ?
holiday ??
meet a shopping days ??
got a star from the whitey cloudy ??
or something else ??
how bout date's ??

yeahh, it's true !
my heart move undulated like wave right now you know

my work hour's today is just a half day
yeah, till 12.15 p.m
it's just because i want fly to malacca
and want to see and meet a shining day with him
so later, every second of my time is just to him
till that sunday me just see, talks, smile and laugh with him
i love you so much sygss

but you know, me to say thank's to miss NurAyunni Yeo
because lets me stay on her house
thanks dear :)

not only date's with Lover
also with her,
alms the money to the mall yeah,
just hobbies to her do a charity like that
because it's so fun her said .

but whatever because the money is own byself
what i won't be cool down is the timing
be faster to 12.15 p.m


Thursday, April 14, 2011

ohemgee !!

yeah, talking to the moon
the days gave the colorful for the life
the days only talk to him
that talk to the lover
bring happiness every seconds of breath

tomorrow, yess it's tomorrow
not others days
the day that i had waiting for a long time
just to see him
just to create the history love story

thank's God for gave him to me
i will promise to make him happier every time
share my life and himself

the word that i won't him to forget is
thank's for everything dear's

may God always bless for the relationship

Monday, April 11, 2011

Full Of LOVE

assalamualaikum =)

hyep..macamne dengan kerja korang? best tak?
hari ni aku kerja macam tak kerja sebab tak ada kerja

tapi penat taw penat penat penat !
sebab tetikus aku maen nyorok2
gara2 tertinggal tetikus kat rumah,
so kerja hari ni sangat penat + kelam kabut siket.
tak suka laa kalau tak ada benda tu..
sebab benda tu tak ada lah tangan aku kejang jep neh..haish..
ape pon tak boleh..huhu

aku bukan nak bebel2 sal benda tu

actually aku saja nak bagitahu yang...

sayang aku kat MR. ADAN aku makin membuak2!!
ala membuak2 macam orang buat popcorn kat wayang tu laa..meletop2. haha

after scene malam tadi ,
aku makin tak sabar nak jumpa sang chenta sorang neh taw..
rindu berombak2..hehe,,

xpe2 sabar yee..huhu
just counting 4 days more =)

awak tunggu saya taw !!!
saya tengah kejar awak ;))

remember this eh sygss ...
i will always loving you ..
forever and ever

Friday, April 8, 2011


even saya ada terasa pe2 ngan awak
saya tetap sayang awak

sorry if awak marah ngan sikap saya yang suka memendam neh

do you really love me ?
sorry for asking

but truly
whatever you do i'm still loving you
saya tetap happy
even awak bahagia bukan dengan saya

thanks for everything

i'll try to be matured

*awak janganlah marah saya eh =(